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benchmark Namespace Reference




class  BenchRunner
struct  best_clock
class  ConsolePrinter
class  JunitPrinter
class  PlotlyPrinter
class  Printer
class  State


using clock = best_clock::type
using time_point = clock::time_point
using duration = clock::duration
typedef std::function< void(State &)> BenchFunction

Typedef Documentation

◆ BenchFunction

typedef std::function<void(State &)> benchmark::BenchFunction

Definition at line 83 of file bench.h.

◆ clock

Definition at line 49 of file bench.h.

◆ duration

using benchmark::duration = typedef clock::duration

Definition at line 51 of file bench.h.

◆ time_point

using benchmark::time_point = typedef clock::time_point

Definition at line 50 of file bench.h.