Bitcoin ABC  0.22.12
P2P Digital Currency
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1 // Copyright (c) 2010 Satoshi Nakamoto
2 // Copyright (c) 2009-2016 The Bitcoin Core developers
3 // Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
4 // file COPYING or
11  HTTP_OK = 200,
19 };
24  // RPC_INVALID_REQUEST is internally mapped to HTTP_BAD_REQUEST (400).
25  // It should not be used for application-layer errors.
27  // RPC_METHOD_NOT_FOUND is internally mapped to HTTP_NOT_FOUND (404).
28  // It should not be used for application-layer errors.
31  // RPC_INTERNAL_ERROR should only be used for genuine errors in bitcoind
32  // (for example datadir corruption).
34  RPC_PARSE_ERROR = -32700,
117 };
No wallet specified (error when there are multiple wallets loaded)
Definition: protocol.h:109
Aliases for backward compatibility.
Definition: protocol.h:63
Node has not been added before.
Definition: protocol.h:75
Keypool ran out, call keypoolrefill first.
Definition: protocol.h:94
Ran out of memory during operation.
Definition: protocol.h:44
Enter the wallet passphrase with walletpassphrase first.
Definition: protocol.h:96
Wallet is already unlocked.
Definition: protocol.h:105
Transaction or block was rejected by network rules.
Definition: protocol.h:54
HTTP status codes.
Definition: protocol.h:10
Client still warming up.
Definition: protocol.h:58
Invalid, missing or duplicate parameter.
Definition: protocol.h:46
General error during transaction or block submission.
Definition: protocol.h:52
The wallet passphrase entered was incorrect.
Definition: protocol.h:98
Transaction already in chain.
Definition: protocol.h:56
Unexpected type was passed as parameter.
Definition: protocol.h:40
Command given in wrong wallet encryption state (encrypting an encrypted wallet etc.)
Definition: protocol.h:101
General application defined errors std::exception thrown in command handling.
Definition: protocol.h:38
Invalid address or key.
Definition: protocol.h:42
Invalid IP/Subnet.
Definition: protocol.h:79
Invalid wallet specified.
Definition: protocol.h:107
Backwards compatible aliases.
Definition: protocol.h:111
RPC method is deprecated.
Definition: protocol.h:60
Database error.
Definition: protocol.h:48
Failed to encrypt the wallet.
Definition: protocol.h:103
Not enough funds in wallet or account.
Definition: protocol.h:90
Node to disconnect not found in connected nodes.
Definition: protocol.h:77
Node is already added.
Definition: protocol.h:73
Unused reserved codes, kept around for backwards compatibility.
Definition: protocol.h:116
Standard JSON-RPC 2.0 errors.
Definition: protocol.h:26
Wallet errors Unspecified problem with wallet (key not found etc.)
Definition: protocol.h:88
No valid connection manager instance found.
Definition: protocol.h:81
Bitcoin RPC error codes.
Definition: protocol.h:22
Still downloading initial blocks.
Definition: protocol.h:71
P2P client errors Bitcoin is not connected.
Definition: protocol.h:69
Invalid label name.
Definition: protocol.h:92
Error parsing or validating structure in raw format.
Definition: protocol.h:50