In a win for usability within the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem, Kraken exchange today announced to customers that it will switch to CashAddr for all deposits starting Aug. 15th 2019.

CashAddr is widely used within the BCH ecosystem, and its use helps users avoid the mistake of accidentally sending funds to BTC wallets.

Bitcoin ABC lead developer Amaury Séchet said: “I contacted Kraken a few weeks ago and asked them to switch to CashAddr. I am happy to see Kraken implement this change. It benefits users by helping them avoid mistakes when depositing funds.”

The Bitcoin ABC team would like to thank Kraken for making this improvement. We also extend appreciation to other community members who have been promoting CashAddr, and building tools to help with its adoption.

All exchanges who have not yet upgraded to CashAddr, and other services within the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem, are encouraged to help users transact safely by using CashAddr. More information is available here.