Electrum ABC

A desktop eCash wallet

Electrum ABC is a fast and secure eCash wallet for Windows, MacOS and Linux. It supports mnemonic seed phrases, hardware wallets, multisig wallets, and importing private keys.

It enables you to verify that your transactions are in the blockchain without downloading the entire blockchain or trusting a centralized server. Anyone can run a backend server for Electrum ABC — no single entity controls the network.

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Download Electrum ABC 5.1.3

Published: Fri Jul 1 2022
Linux OSX Windows Source Snapshot
Read the release notes on Github.

Past Releases

Version Published Downloads
5.1.2 2022 Jun 6
5.1.1 2022 May 27
5.1.0 2022 Apr 19
5.0.4 2022 Jan 5
5.0.3 2021 Nov 16
5.0.2 2021 Dec 13
5.0.1 2021 Jul 21
5.0.0 2021 Jun 30