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Rebrand Announcement

You're invited to the next era of sound money for the world.

Derived from one of the most trusted names in cryptocurrency, what was once known as BCHA is now

What happened:

  • On July 1, 2021 at 12:00 noon UTC, Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA) rebranded to eCash (XEC).
  • The primary unit is now bits (2 decimal places) instead of BCHA (8 decimal places, the legacy default used by both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash).
    • 1 BCHA = 1,000,000 XEC
  • The address format has been updated. You can use this address converter to convert between address formats.
  • A new website was launched at

The eCash Mission

eCash is the natural continuation of the Bitcoin Cash project. Realizing the vision of the legendary Milton Friedman, eCash follows through on key promises such as the innovative Avalanche consensus layer while also introducing concepts never before seen in a Bitcoin project such as staking, fork-free network upgrades, and subchains.

Look for the ticker symbol XEC on exchanges, wallets, or price charts, and take your first step towards true financial freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I need to perform a token swap?
Answer: No. The rebranding from BCHA to eCash (XEC) is not a token swap. There are no changes to the blockchain. The rebrand simply changes how things are displayed to users in wallets and exchanges.

Question: What will happen to the BCHA token?
Answer: Nothing changes on the blockchain. Under the hood, "eCash" (XEC) is the same thing as "BCHA". The way it is displayed to users simply changes. So nothing happens to BCHA token, it just changes name to eCash/XEC, and changes the default base unit so that 1,000,000 XEC = 1 BCHA.

Question: What will happen if I send BCHA to an eCash wallet ?
Answer: If you send 1 BCHA to an eCash wallet, you will be credited 1,000,000 XEC. The conversion happens in the wallet, there is no change in the transaction format on the blockchain. Similarly, sending 1,000,000 XEC to a BCHA wallet will credit 1 BCHA on the receiving end.

Question: Will there be a separate chain?
Answer: No, there is no separate chain. It is the same blockchain as before the rebrand. Just the way it is displayed to users changes.

Question: To change between address formats, can I simply edit the address by hand to change the prefix from "bitcoincash" to "ecash"?
Answer: You should use an address converter if you need to convert between address formats. The body of the address contains a checksum which covers the prefix, so simply cutting and pasting the prefix by itself will cause a mismatch.

Question: As a BCHA holder, what do I need to do for this rebranding?
Answer: BCHA holders don't need to do anything. Even if you do nothing, the rebrand will take place automatically. When you upgrade to a new wallet after the rebrand, the display will change automatically to show your holdings as eCash instead of BCHA. If you don't upgrade your wallets, everything will continue to work as it did before. It is recommended to upgrade, as we expect most wallets and exchanges to use eCash/XEC, so it will be less confusing if you upgrade to a wallet that displays as eCash/XEC.

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How do I split BCH to get my eCash?

Before sending eCash or BCH from your wallet, it is important to split your pre-fork coins so that your transactions are not replayed (for example also sending BCH when you only meant to send eCash to someone). There a several ways this can be done.

A good way to split BCH and eCash from each other is to use Electrum ABC and Electron Cash, as described here.

Another method is to use an exchange such as Coinex which will split the coins for you, as this tutorial explains. But remember that the splitting process may not always go as planned so it is wise to test with smaller amounts first, or use a method where you only send coins to yourself (as with the Electrum ABC - Electron Cash method above).

Warning: There are scammers and thieves who create fake coin splitting tools and services to steal people's coins. Never send your coins, or enter your private key or recovery words into any site or software unless you are certain that it can be trusted. The scammers create fake social media profiles and Youtube channels, so always double check sources and be careful following any links. Always be very cautious, and ask for help if you are unsure.

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