Bitcoin ABC 0.21.8 Release Notes

Bitcoin ABC version 0.21.8 is now available from:

This release includes the following features and fixes:

Updated RPCs

Low-level RPC changes (primarily for testing)

RPC importprivkey: new label behavior

Previously, importprivkey automatically added the default empty label (“”) to all addresses associated with the imported private key. Now it defaults to using any existing label for those addresses. For example:

In both the previous and current case, if you directly specify a label during the import, that label will override whatever previous label the addresses may have had. Also in both cases, if none of the addresses previously had a label, they will still receive the default empty label (“”). Examples:

Descriptor import support

The importmulti RPC now supports importing of addresses from descriptors. A desc parameter can be provided instead of the scriptPubKey in a request, as well as an optional range for ranged descriptors to specify the start and end of the range to import. More information about descriptors can be found here.

New RPC methods

Miscellaneous Wallet changes