Bitcoin ABC 0.29.6 Release Notes

Bitcoin ABC version 0.29.6 is now available from:

This release includes the following features and fixes:


All JSON-RPC methods accept a new named parameter called args that can contain positional parameter values. This is a convenience to allow some parameter values to be passed by name without having to name every value. The python test framework and bitcoin-cli tool both take advantage of this, so for example:

bitcoin-cli -named createwallet wallet_name=mywallet load_on_startup=1

Can now be shortened to:

bitcoin-cli -named createwallet mywallet load_on_startup=1

For RPC methods which accept options parameters (importmulti, listunspent, fundrawtransaction, send, walletcreatefundedpsbt), it is now possible to pass the options as named parameters without the need for a nested object.

This means it is possible make calls like:

src/bitcoin-cli -named fundrawtransaction <raw tx hex> txid fee_rate=100

instead of

src/bitcoin-cli -named fundrawtransaction <raw tx hex> options='{"fee_rate": 100}'

The JSON-RPC server now rejects requests where a parameter is specified multiple times with the same name, instead of silently overwriting earlier parameter values with later ones.