November 15, 2021 Upgrade

What happened?

The planned upgrade of the eCash network has successfully been completed. The first post-upgrade block is block number 713661.

Who needs to upgrade?

All operators of a Bitcoin ABC full node must upgrade to the latest major version (0.24.x). This is available at our Releases page.

What features were included in the Network Upgrade?

The November 15th 2021 upgrade did not include any new protocol features. However, because of the automatic replay protection that is part of the 6-month upgrade cadence, it is necessary for all full node operators to upgrade to 0.24.x.

Note: Version 0.24 has the "ecash" option ON by default. If you are already setting "ecash=1" in the node configuration, then nothing will change, but it is a good idea to double check this setup when you upgrade the node version.

Do I need to upgrade my wallet?

The network upgrade only affects full-nodes. This means that other eCash software, including wallets such as Electrum ABC are not affected by the network upgrade.