utxoupdatepsbt "psbt" ( ["",{"desc":"str","range":n or [n,n]},...] )

Updates all inputs and outputs in a PSBT with data from output descriptors, the UTXO set or the mempool.

1. psbt                          (string, required) A base64 string of a PSBT
2. descriptors                   (json array, optional) An array of either strings or objects
       "",                       (string) An output descriptor
       {                         (json object) An object with an output descriptor and extra information
         "desc": "str",          (string, required) An output descriptor
         "range": n or [n,n],    (numeric or array, optional, default=1000) Up to what index HD chains should be explored (either end or [begin,end])

"str"    (string) The base64-encoded partially signed transaction with inputs updated

> bitcoin-cli utxoupdatepsbt "psbt"